Below are estimates of the tournament prices for this year. These will be confirmed on 1st March 2020.

Team Fee: €100 (estimated)

Normal Player’s Fee: €50 (estimated)
Single Day Player’s Fee: €30 (estimated)
Guest Fee (attending but not playing): €25 for two days (estimated)
All player’s and guest fees due on (date TBC)

What are you paying for?

  • 6-7 games of ultimate
  • Great quality food including:
    • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Friday
    • Breakfast/Lunch on Saturday
  • Party with live music on Saturday night
  • Extra surprises!

Rising Hat: Free for everyone!

  • An extra day of ultimate (Saturday 30th of May) to play with your opponents

Payment Information:


For Dutch payments:
Name account holder:
Account number:

For international payments:
Name account holder:

Please make sure that you mention: “RH2020 + Team name” in the transfer comments

Cancellation Policy: