Rising High takes place over 3 days:

  • Day 0 is a hat tournament limited to the first 100 players of Rising High who subscribe.
  • Days 1 and 2 are the official Rising High tournament with an open and women’s division.

Each team will play 6-7 games of 60 minutes.

Rising High has 3 Divisions:

“Rising” Open:

This is an open division that any team can sign up for. We had 12 Rising Open teams in 2019. Teams that do well on Day 1 in the Rising division will have a crossover with teams from the High division for a spot in the elite bracket.

“High” Open:

This is a division for teams generally at the EUCR or higher level. There will be some invites sent in, but anyone is free to subscribe. If you do not get into the High division, there is a good chance you will still get a spot in the Rising division. We had 8 teams in the High Open division in 2019. Teams that do poorly on Day 1 in the High division will have to play a crossover game with a team from the Rising division to secure their spot in the elite bracket.


This division is for women’s teams. We had 6 Women’s teams for 2019.

Rising High and Rising Hat will use the 2017 WFDF rules